1948 Replica Panhead Kit Bike......FTF!!!!

This is about the coolest thing anyone has done in a long time! Think of it, a brand NEW 1948 Pan. I spent a lot of years dealing with NOS parts and after 40 or 50 years of sitting on a shelf somewhere, there's about a 50/50 chance the part is worthless, even if it looks new, it's NOT!!! Here's the real beauty of these kits, all NEW parts!!! Not my idea, of course... The credit goes to Ted & Gary at V-Twin Mfg. for this brainstorm. I am a V-Twin dealer and as I sold these kits, I started thinking, what I would do different? So, I finally, got off my butt and put together the kit that I would like to have. Much more complete, easier to assemble and my choice of parts. And CHROME!!! If the part is available in chrome it's in the kit.

So.... what's the difference between this Replica kit and the Harley Davidson made 1948 Panhead? The answer to that is, "Not that much" and "One hell of a lot". Confused?....... OK, 98% of the parts in this kit are NEW manufactured direct replacement parts. They interchange with the original motorcycles parts. Equal in quality or superior to the original OEM parts. Remember, these NEW parts are made with modern materials and manufacturing techniques. All that aside, just the fact that these parts aren't 55 years old, makes a world of difference. I have been told, so many times by bikers, "I love the old bikes, BUT..... I bought my new Evo, because the old bikes are always broken. Hard to start and you have to constantly mess with them" Well, If that were the case Harley wouldn't be around today. The fact that there are so many of these original old bikes still running around is a tribute to the craftsmen who built them and the owners who loved and maintained them. You probably won't run like new, when you're 55, either?

All right, here's that 2% that makes so much difference. We start with S&S engine cases. These are a masterpiece, like all S&S products, near artwork. Add S&S flywheels, S&S high volume oil pump, (35 psi instead of 8 psi from the original '48 pump) and Timken brand bearings. This makes the lower end 10 times stronger than the originals were and makes the top end last a lot longer with real oil pressure. New cast alloy pistons with Hastings Rings. Add STD heads with far superior flow characteristics over the originals and modern valves and seats. The STD heads have a 3 bolt exhaust flange, so the pipes don't pop off. I always hated that! They also use the shovelhead style O-ring band manifold. No more leaky plumbers type manifold! Add a modern S&S "E"  carburetor. I always had trouble with the original Linkert carbs, maybe that's just me? Carburetor design has come a long way in the last 50 years, that's for sure..... Add a BDL primary belt drive to quite down the whine and eliminate the puddle of oil in the garage from the primary chain oiler...   Throw in a 12v electrical system with an auto advance distributor and this bike becomes a very dependable one kicker, while still retaining the look, feel and charm of the original 1948 Panhead. This bike is for riding..................

At this point, you have few questions in your head. 1. Where the hell can I come up with the cash? Sorry, I can't help you with that one! 2. Can I really put this thing together? The answer to that is most likely, YES.... The engine and transmission are fully assembled at the factory, as is the springer front end and the handlebar-controls assembly. Very little fabricating is required. No welding or engine assembly at all. The hardest part is the painting. Most people farm that out to their local body shop. This kit is 99.9% bolt together! 3. Is everything included? You'll be running to the hardware store for a few common bolts & nuts, but all the special hardware is there. 4. What about special tools? Tools are included in the kit. There are a few listed in the tools section, that make it easier, but not required. A $200.00 tool kit from Sears and what comes in the kit is what is needed. 5. How the hell long does it take to put this together? After paint, I can wrench one together in two days, if I bust my ass. You will be learning as you go, so count on at least 6 weekends, or so. Are assembly instructions included? No, since this kit is for all intents and purposes is a 1948 Harley Davidson their manual is all that is needed. The Panhead Service Manual, Spare Parts Guide and the V-Twin Master Catalog are available. Now go on and check out the parts list, options and the rest of these pages, ride free..........RR