Circa mid-sixties Panhead Chopper Kit Bike.....FTF!!!

The idea for this bike kit started about 10 years ago.   When I met Mike Charles. He brought me his 49 Pan chopper, to see if I could get it going again.   The bike was a mess.   It had sat in his Fathers garage since 1966, untouched.   Mike went off to Vietnam in '66 and got shot up pretty good.   While Mike was recovering from his wounds, he told his Dad to sell the Pan.   His Father did or so he believed for 27 years. His Father died and Mike discovered the Pan, under an old painters tarp, when cleaning out his Dad's garage.   We took it apart and cleaned everything.   Sent the rusty parts out for re-plating.   Duplicated the paint job and re-stored the bike to it's 1966 condition.   This started me thinking.   I love this style of chop, why don't people build them anymore? Well, the reason was, most of the old style parts were no longer being made. The companies that made them were all, out of business or moved on to new things, bummer....... Now, ten years later, a lot of the old style parts are being reproduced, so I decided to put this kit together.   A Pan Chopper circa mid-sixties, nothing cooler than that!! Yea, mid-sixties, before the super long front end craze.   That started about 1967 in So. California.   And sweep the rest of the country in '69 with the release of the film Easy Rider.   I did the super long front end, several times, but I prefer a 4" to 6" over.   This actually improves the handling.   My goal was to offer a kit that would replicate the typical Street Chop of the mid-sixties.

Start with a '48 wishbone or '57 straight leg replica rigid frame, from V-Twin Mfg. I prefer the wishbone, myself.   Add a 4" over replica inline Knucklehead springer.   Lace a 21" rim with stainless spokes and add an Avon tire.     1958 style 74" Panhead motor with S&S cases, flywheels and oil pump.   STD heads, auto advance distributor and bendix carb.   3.00 ratio transmission, love them second gear wheelies.   500x16" rear wheel with stainless spokes and Avon Speedmaster tire.   5" or 6" flat fender, sissy bar and Corbin-Gentry replica Bates racing solo and pad.   Add Paughco upsweep pipes with fishtails.   Replica Flanders top clamp and rubber mount risers with 14" ape hangers. Sound cool so far?

Early diamond tin primaries with dimple covers. Side mount '34 Ford tail light and Anderson foot pegs. Add a Replica Bates side mount head light and halogen bulb with 12v electrical system. This kit has everything, battery, spark plugs, cables, just about everything you'll need. No, not every single nut and bolt, you'll still be making a few trips to the hardware store for some common stuff, but all the special hardware is included. Check out the parts list on the next page.