This patch is the largest I have ever done.   I originally did the patch for a riding pardner of mine, Harvey. Harvey rode a '49 Pan with a 25" over springer, a spool and maybe a 2" rake?   It had a super tall sissy bar and upsweep pipes even taller. I tried to ride the bike once, it was so wobbly, I almost fell on my ass....   I remember one camping weekend to the desert, we had to ride this dirt road for at least 10 miles, Harvey passes me and I was havin' a little trouble with my 8" over.   He seemed to manage just fine.   I guess you can get used to anything.   It was that weekend, we were sitting around our scrub brush fire, listening to the coyotes howl and getting a little toasted.   I asked Harvey how the hell he kept upright on that thing?   He smiled and said, pointing at his bike "With this machine, you always ride with the reaper.....keeps ya from falling asleep!"   The "Ride with the Reaper" part stuck in my head.   A few weeks later, I cruised by Harvey's place to show him the design I had come up with for "Ride with the Reaper"   He loved it. His old lady said "better make it big, he never does anything small. It ended up being my largest patch.   Harvey wore the first one. That was 1971. This re-issue is full embroidered in 9 colors on black polyfelt. It measures 16" tall and 12" wide, larger than the original 1971 patch. The back has patch sealer applied to stabilize it. One of the coolest chopper patches I ever did.....

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I met John Thomas in 1972.   He was 50 years old the day I met him.   He had just retired from a aircraft company, where he had worked for 30 years.   He came to me to paint the back of his leather jacket.   He wanted a Paladin painted on the back.   What the hell's a Paladin?   I asked the same thing.....   The Paladins were knights in the court of Charlemagne.   To become one of there very special knights you were assigned a quest.   Pretty much impossible to complete.   If by some miracle you actually did it, you could be accepted into the Paladins. These knights were so revered that their symbol, the horse head became the knight in chess.   John's quest was to ride his new Superglide on every federal hwy in the U.S.   I think this qualifies as impossible!   I painted John's jacket and he set off on his quest with more camping gear than I have ever seen strapped on a bike....   I received post cards from him for over 8 years from the road.   Don't know how close he actually came to completing his quest, but I'm sure he had one hell of a great time trying.   The following year I did the design into a back patch.   This re-issue is full embroidered in 7 colors on black polyfelt.   The patch measures 13" tall and 7" wide.   Scanned from the original 1972 art work.  The back has patch sealer applied to stabilize it.   This patch is for all you out there with a quest, impossible or not, ride free forever........RR

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