(Avco Embassy 1970)


Allan Carr


Seymour Robble


Joe Namath
Ann Margret
William Smith
Jennifer Billingsley
Mike Battle
Greg Mullavey
Teda Bracei
Don Chastain
Sid Haig
Bruce Glover
Kiva Kelly
Jackie Rohr
Robert Keyworth
Alan Pappe
Ned Wertimer
Shirley Eder
John Wasserman
Bonnie Emerson
Paula Warner
Wayne Cochran


C.C. (Joe Namath) is a member of the HEADS M/C (?????). He meets Ann (Ann Margaret) when her limo breaks down. She's a fashion photographer working with jap race bikes. C.C. enters the race with a very cleverly stolen dirt bike and almost wins. The club wants all his prize money and there's a big fight scene with Bill Smith the leader of the Heads.
He takes off and as revenge they kidnap the girl. So he can rescue her. At the end of the film there's a Flat track race on chops between Namath and Smith, pretty cool stunt riding!




Filmed in Tucson Arizona. I remember at the time all the sportswriters were goin' nuts watching Joe Namath ride the bikes in this movie. I'll bet the owners of his football team had a few white knuckle moments as well. In 1969 when this film was made, Joe Namath was a big money property. Anyway, this film was Joe's Hollywood shot, don't know why he didn't do anymore film, he is pretty good and didn't even throw a football once in this movie

Ann Margret Joe Namath