(Salt City Home Video
G.I. Productions 1999)


Gregg Giacobbe


Dan Weber


Tim Holtby


Gregg Giacobbe
Tim Stone
Rodger Loper
Lisa Smith
James Burkey


A biker's wife is raped and murdered. He sets off in search of her killer to seek revenge.




By industry standards this film is a joke. By my standards this film is great! Shot with video, looks like handycams, grainy and the sound is awful. The acting is a little ham, but not really that bad, compared to other biker films. Shot here in Florida by local bikers. Really not a bad piece of work, if you consider no budget and no equipment. I would love to see what these guys would do with a boxcar full of money and real equipment? I liked it!

Thank you Roadrat for your kind and very accurate review of the film.
I would like to clarify that the movie actually was shot on 16mm film
with noisy Bolex cameras and super sharp Switar lenses and then
transfered to broadcast video tape on an old telecine in LA to give it a
vintage look, at that stage the image looked very very good, too bad we
didn't hire a real sound man, just whatever volunteer we could find to
use my old Nagra.

Dan Weber