1964 Harley Davidson FLH ex-police bike with a rigid wishbone frame runs a 16" over American springer and 16" front wheel.

levi cutoff


We start with a new Levi's denim jacket. We cut-off the sleeves and make the cuffs into epaulets (Southern California style). Sew Freeway tabs on the collar and sew it down, so it doesn't turn your neck into hamburger. The difference between this jacket and the Big E jackets from the 60's is the new ones are about 3" longer and have had slash pockets added. These have been washed at the factory and are faded. I wear a size 44/46 leather jacket and the size L Levi's jacket fits over perfect. Size L is about the same size as the old Levi's size 50. Available in sizes L-XL-XXL. Buy patches from us at the same time and we'll sew them on your new cut-off for free.

$140.00  postage paid in the U.S.  (Priority Mail)
Specify size L-XL-XXL  

Have and old Levi's jacket you want this done to, no problem....   We charge $75.00 for this service.




The SKULLDANNA is the best head wrap I've found. Not at all like those cheap do-rags you find everywhere. Hand made in Colorado by bikers, not by some big corporation in China. The SKULLDANNA is well thought out and well made. Using quality 50/50 poly-cotton fabric. You can wear it over your ears or behind them, works both ways. And the best part, It won't blow off on the freeway!!! It's available two waysThe Standard Extra Long SKULLDANNA without a patch or choose from one of the five patch designs and we'll sew it on for you. Available in black only.

SKULLDANNA Extra-long (WITH PATCH) black only.
Specify patch design: A / B / C / D / E
$29.95   postage paid in the U.S.



SKULLDANNA Extra-long (NO PATCH) black only. $17.95  postage paid in the U.S.