Keep your Levi's jacket from beating your neck into hamburgerů.Cutting off the collar isn't the best idea for a cure. Your jacket gets a lot of its shape from the collar. Cut it off and you end up wearing a blue denim shop rag! Back in the 60's, we used a piece of patch wool for this. These finished tabs are 2"x2"x1-3/4" black twill with the edges merrowed in black, like a patch. Unsealed, so they can be stretched a little to fit other things, like your favorite shirt or whatever. Also, great to make your favorite pin stand out. Comes with sewing instructions.

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Remember when the primary chain belts came out?  I bought one out of Easyriders magazine.  You sized it with a chain breaker, I did and it was pretty cool.....   The problem was, the damm thing was so heavy, my pants kept falling down.....  After about a week of constantly pulling my pants back up, I gave up!  I was really bent, twenty-two bucks!!  A friend, listening to me rant about the twenty-two bucks said "Why don't you make your own belt, embroider the chain on, like a patch?"   Hey???  Several versions of that idea were tried, embroidering on a leather belt, making a long patch and riveting a buckle on the end and a half a dozen more dumb ideas, all without any success.   Disgusted, after a month of fooling with it, I thru the whole mess in the trash.   I was standing there, thinking about all that wasted time and money, and it dawned on me.....   Why not a patch?  So, I dug my failure back out of the trash.   Cut one of the failed belts to fit the back of my Levi's cut-off and sewed it on....... pretty cool!  Turns out other people thought so as well.  This re-issue is 15" long and 2" wide, scanned from the original 1973 art work.  Three color embroidery on black polyfelt and heat sealed on the back to stabilize.   This patch works on just about anything your imagination can come up with.  Cut-offs, leather vests and jackets, you name it.  I've seen them made into epaulets, chokers, wrist bands, dog collars, sewn around the cuffs of Levi's jeans, even used to trim saddle bags....   This parts up to you. ....

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