Counterfeiting hurts me and you my customers! I get nothing for my hard work and you get 99 times out of 100 an inferior product. The picture above shows a counterfeit made by some people in Georgia. The one on the left is the original, the one on right is the rip-off.... They either copied from an original, or more likely just ripped-off the image from this website or eBay. Too much of this and I'm out of business... You my customers are really my only defense against this kind of theft. If I don't know about it I can't do anything about it!!!! So, If you see some of my work somewhere, and it doesn't look quite right, it probably isn't..... PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me with details!! The customer that alerted me to this copy got a nice gift certificate for his trouble. Thanks for your help!!!................RR


Here's another one! Left is one of 15 hand-made originals from 1969. Right is a rip-off out of Washington state. I guess the maker figured that he'd split it into two patches and change the color to red, so my copyright would not apply? It doesn't work that way.........

Here's more counterfeit rip-offs.  These found on Mr. B's website.   I spoke to George, the owner of Mr. B's.   He informed me that he bought these counterfeits at a flea market and has no idea who made them...   Funny, how many people pull flea market out of their ass when they get caught........   Hey, who knows, one of these times it might actually be true....huh?   Well, there down for now, so we'll see what happens.

Thanks to our friend Ken these piss poor counterfeits were found on hot biker jewelry's website.   I must admit this thread bare crap is the worst I have ever seen in 35 years!!   If you're going to steal, at least do a fair job of it...........   This shit is just plain embarrassing......    The owner Gregory says he is "investigating" and pulled them down from his website.   A side note on this one, I recognized some "Coop" designs, he does the cool devil girls, when I was on the website and e-mailed CJ at    Interesting how those counterfeits disappeared at the same time?   RR

Remember:    This website and my eBay auctions are the only place to buy my patches.   I not longer have distributors.   You will not find my patches at any vendor at a bike event.   If you do they are counterfeits, please let me know........RR