1/4" BOLT or STUD 4.5 to 7 FOOT LBS.
5/16" BOLT or STUD 9 to 14 FOOT LBS.
3/8" BOLT or STUD 16 to 24 FOOT LBS.
7/16" BOLT or STUD 25 to 37 FOOT LBS.
1/2" BOLT or STUD 38 to 57 FOOT LBS.
9/16" BOLT OR STUD 53 to 81 FOOT LBS.
5/8" BOLT or STUD 73 to 81 FOOT LBS.



This has been a pain ever since extended front ends started.    Really the best way to decide what you want, is eye ball it.    Best time to do this is BEFORE you order the parts.   I've used broom sticks and wood blocks, duct tape and cardboard, whatever works to give you an idea what you want it to look like.   Once you know that, it's a simple matter of a protractor on the neck, to know what to change the rake of the neck.   The chart below will help.    It works for stock extended and custom springers.