NOTE: This catalog was put out by Indian, just before they went belly-up...   Indian had made deals with many British motorcycle companies, to get them an in-road into the U.S. market, with an already established dealer network.   Indian was trying desperately to keep their dealers afloat.    Since, at the time, Indian couldn't give away their motorcycles.   Harley had kicked their ass....   Harley had spent box car loads of money on development in the thirties with the Knuckle and then again after the war with the Pan.   Harley had a clutch and transmission far superior to that of Indian.   You know this, if you have ever messed with old Indians!!!   Harley abandoned their big Flathead in '48, dying market for Flatheads and of course, that's where Indian had most of their marbles.   There were rumors of an OHV design, but alas, too little, too late and Indian folded into history.   Many of the dealers went out with Indian.   Some survived, barely, by selling the British bikes and servicing the old Indians.   Most of the survivors, if they made it into the sixties, became Japanese motorcycle dealers, for Honda and the like...   Enjoy the catalog.........RR