1945 Harley Davidson FL Knucklehead.    Check out the beautiful 22" over John Harmon Girder front end.   They were really nice!


The first thing you need to know is the part # of what you want.   That's pretty easy, all the companies I am a dealer for have on-line catalogs to look thru.   I sell only V-TWIN MFG.,PAUGHCO, JIMS and BARNETT products and my own. If it's not on this website, V-TWIN MFG. website, PAUGHCO website, JIMS website or BARNETT website, then I don't sell it....   I require that your purchase be at least $300.00 per-order??? There are 2 reasons for this. #1 V-Twin pays the shipping to me on orders over $300.00. You don't want to pay to ship your order from NY to FL and then to you!! V-TWIN will not ship to a non-dealer address.... #2 I cut my prices well below the retail price list, smaller orders are as much trouble as big ones, so it's just not worth it for me to mess with every little nut and bolt in the V-TWIN catalog.  And as you will see, it doesn't take much to pass the $300.00 mark!!!    AS for PAUGHCO they charge me shipping under $500.00 and JIMS always charges me shipping......    Most of what you will need is on the V-Twin website, really!!  If you must have an item under the $300.00 minimum there is a $10.00 service charge and you will have to pay the additional shipping charge.........

Shipping your parts order is pretty open. I can ship your order whatever way you prefer. On light orders USPS is the cheapest. Heavy and oversize orders must go UPS or FedEx.

Insurance is a good idea in case those delivery guys choose your package for the Wed. UPS truck polo match. It's semi inexpensive, based on dollar amount of your order. I will quote Insurance alone with shipping charges...

Once you have the book, you'll know the part #'s. Send me an e-mail with PARTS QUOTE in the subject along with the part #'s you want. I'll return e-mail you a quote a.s.a.p......

All purchases will be considered a "Special Order". I do not own V-Twin Mfg. I'm only one of their dealers, so as to returns and warranty claims, we'll both have to live with whatever they decide on a case by case basis. Be sure your part #'s are right!!!! I run on a very slim profit margin, so you get the very best possible price on parts. A few mistakes and there is no profit, even worse, I lose money (I HATE THAT!!!!). So check everything twice, and if something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't (the $500.00 engine is 40 years ago!!!) Be assured that if any problems arise, they will get my immediate attention. I am not a rich turd, this is not a hobby, without you, my customers, I won't be here very long and I know this. Thanks.....RR

GO TO: V-TWIN MFG. WEBSITE http:www.vtwinmfg.com

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