1959 Harley Davidson FL Panhead in a 1952 wishbone frame.   Runs a 14" over D&D springer.



This kit converts your 6v battery to 12v using the stock Harley horseshoe oil tank. No more having that little battery rattle around and short out. Or sling acid everywhere... No more stuffing your oil tank full of rags or trying to cut blocks of wood to fit and then having to cut your stock battery cover to pieces, so it won't short out the battery. THIS KIT FITS all 6v Harley Big Twins, including all aftermarket or replica Harley 6v oil tanks.    The kit includes a dry charged 5 amp 12v battery, sheet metal extension box, battery pads and a billet aluminum battery top cover. You use your stock battery rods and wing nuts. The top cover comes unfinished, by that I mean as it came off the CNC machine. You can sand and paint, for a retro look, polish it, or send it off to your local chrome shop, that choice is left up to you. This kit is designed to replicate the fit and LOOK of the original 6v Harley battery. Think of it, real lights and everything......

$195.00 Postage paid in the U.S.



This is new, made in Holland.   A 12v relay for 2 brush generators that replicates the size and look of the original 6v relays.   Very cool!!!

$ 85.00 postage paid in the U.S.


Replica HD relay mount plate (zinc plated)

$ 20.00 postage paid in the U.S.


Chrome VOLTEC 2 brush Generator

$ 180.00 postage paid in the U.S.


13 tooth gear kit for above

$ 20.00



The first time I saw this done, it really knocked me out, how cool!!! That was in the late sixties. I searched the army navy surplus stores for months looking for one of the old trench knives. Finally, a friend found one for sale in Pasadena. Paid thru the nose for it too..... Got it home and took it apart. Figured out how to do it. Cut the end off my stock kick pedal and welded on a bolt. Then drilled out the knife handle and was done. Kicked it three times and it broke....... I took it over to Dick Allen's shop on Artasia in Ridondo Beach, he was the best welder I knew. Dick looked at it and said "I doubt it, but we'll give it a try?" He welded it back together and ground it off. I kicked it ten times, seemed to work. I thanked Dick for his help. He said "When it breaks again, come back and I'll machine one out of solid steel" I told him I had confidence in his superior welding skills, he just smiled...... Hell it lasted over 3 months...... Dick machined me one out of steel and it has followed me thru 16 motorcycles, I still have it. Nowadays when I build these, I machine the center from 304 stainless. The solid brass handle is from a reproduction trench knife, originals are WAY to expensive now,.... if you could find one.... Fits Harley BT

$195.00  postage paid in the U.S.