If you're like me, you love the old style Flanders risers. Nothing sets up a springer like these bones! Problem is, anything more than drag bars and they are so floppy, you can't ride the damm bike, at least I can't... Especially running ape hangers!!! The first time I did this set-up, tried riding it anyway. Put on the brakes and your arms flop forward 8" then stab the throttle and they flop back again. Drove me nuts!!   Hey, I've seen people riding that way, not sure how?... My first fix was a handful of fender washers, worked, but looked like shit! I finally replicated the rubber bushing in aluminum. This is the only real fix for the flop. I paint the aluminum bushings, flat black, makes them look like the original rubber. Most people never notice they're not rubber. You can also polish or chrome them, that looks really different...RR
$175.00 Risers and Bushings

 postage paid in the U.S.



These caps are custom cast in sterling silver. Styled after my old Paladin back patch from the seventies. First, I drill out the bottom and then press-fit a brass valve stem cap into the base. Has o-ring seal. These tarnish to a really cool dark gray if you don't keep them polished. Kind of a different, show type item for your Harley chopper. Shown in the picture is turned aluminum stem cover also available.

$25.00  postage paid in the U.S.