1943 Harley Davidson ULH Flathead in a Knucklehead frame, pumped to 84".   Runs an 18" over D&D springer.   Custom handlebars are very COOL!

Prices for items on this website not manufactured by me, are pretty much dictated by the amount I paid for them. These prices are NOT NEGOTIABLE, so please don't bother with that.


Items manufactured by me, I allow a 18% discount. These items are are marked with **RR** All you have to do to qualify for the dealer discount, is buy 5 of the item you want. Easy, huh?


I prefer PayPal, the #1 payment service in online auctions!

To use your credit card: Click the PAYPAL logo, below the item you want. This will take you to the PAYPAL ordering form. It should be already filled out with the price and description. You have to indicate the number of items you want in the box for that. If you are already a PAYPAL member just log-in. If you're not a member, you have to join. This only takes a few minutes and only has to be done once, you can do this by the link in the PAYPAL logo above or use the PAYPAL logo below the item you want, both work for sign-up. PAYPAL will e-mail you a receipt for your purchase and I will receive an e-mail from PAYPAL, confirming your purchase. I will ship your item that very same day, or at least try. If you have a problem with this process please e-mail me at: RoadRatRoberts@msn.com


If you prefer NOT to use your credit card, I don't much like them myself, you'll need to get a money order. The Post Office, 7-11, your bank, wherever, as long as you don't draw it yourself...

Make it payable to:
Send along with a note describing the item you want to:

P. O. BOX 67421

It's just that easy! I'll try to ship your item out the
same day I receive your payment.


Items marked (ONE ONLY) are just that, I only have one. These items are on a first come first serve basis. People using credit cards have the advantage, sorry but I can't really think of a way to even that out. I will try to pull these items as they are sold, this is not always possible. If you buy an item and it has already been sold, you will get an immediate refund.....Sorry, but this will happen.


The items offered for sale on this website are to the best of my knowledge represented correctly. If you feel that the item you purchased was in some way misrepresented I will gladly refund on the return of the item.


If your purchase arrives and there's tire tracks on the box (not really a joke, it's happened) report it to the carrier. I suggest that you buy insurance at the time of purchase this is cheap and will save us both a lot of aggravation!


I hate it when I get a bad one and there's really not much I can do about it, so I decided that I just won't accept them. Sorry, but it's just way too much hassle. If you must write a check, do an e-check thru PayPal.


U.P.S. is no longer taking cash, so there's not much point in it anymore.


Sucks, I know, but if you live in Florida, you gotta add 7% tax!


Out of stock patches...   I do my best to anticipate demand and keep stock up, but every once in a while I get slammed...   If you order a patch and it's out of stock, you can wait 3 to 4 weeks or ask for a refund.   Sorry but this does happen occasionally.


Back orders from my suppliers like V-Twin and Paughco are beyond my control.   I will do my best find your part elsewhere, but usually if the manufacturers out of stock, everyone else is too...   They do pretty good, most back orders are back in stock within 60 days.   We kind of both are stuck with waiting...   If for some reason you can't wait, just ask for a refund, no problem...


Custom fabricated items such as sissy bars, gas tanks, forks and the like, fabricated by us to your specs. will be considered as special orders and will not be considered under our standard return policy.   All custom work is different and will be billed "TIME plus MATERIAL".   Please do your measurements TWICE!!!!   And all your design changes, "BEFORE" we make your part!


If when you get your purchase and for whatever reason you're not happy with it, then tough shit! Not really, just always wanted to see that somewhere. I will refund the purchase price only, NOT the shipping costs. If your part was a special order from one of my suppliers, V-Twin, Paughco etc. It may be subject to a restocking fee, usually 20%.   I am sorry about this, but this is what my suppliers hose me with.   Sometimes I can bullshit my way out of this charge, but not very often....   So we may be stuck with it, again sorry!   ALL RETURNS MUST BE RETURNED IN SALEABLE CONDITION AND PRE-APPROVED by e-mail, telephone or in writing. This helps me get closer to knowing what the hell is going on! Thanks.


If you're ordering from outside the U.S. then you must include shipping, even if the item is marked "postage paid". On patches, no extra to Canada for small patches, back patches add $3.50, all other countries, e-mail for shipping costs on patches and other items. ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE MADE IN U.S. FUNDS!


What I do with foreign sales of my kits, I deliver to the Port of Miami to your shipping agent. You need to find a agent in your country. Every country in the world has companies that specialize in importing out of Miami. You need to contact one in your country. They will most likely be in a major seaport city. They will be able to tell you shipping costs and import duty fees, they know all the ins an outs of your country's import laws. Also, these companies rent cargo ship containers and if you get lucky and the company has a container that's going half empty, you can get a real price break.... They will need to know that the kit is 800 lbs. of vintage motorcycle parts on 2 non-stackable pallets.


 All vehicles left for custom work or repairs, paid or unpaid.   All parts and parts orders, paid or unpaid, left without prior written permission, become forfeit to the company in 180 days (6 months) without exception.   Sorry, but I cannot provide free storage for all my customers, just not enough room!!!


ROADRAT ROBERTS CUSTOM PRODUCTS makes no representations or warranties as to any of the products or merchandise on this website, new or used, expressed or implied including without limitation any warranties of merchantablility or fitness for a particular purpose. Motorcycles are dangerous, people fall down and get run over all the time! ROADRAT ROBERTS CUSTOM PRODUCTS has no control over the usage of our products or the skill level of our customers. We expect our customers to exercise good judgment as to the proper selection, installation and maintenance of parts and merchandise purchased from us. ROADRAT ROBERTS CUSTOM PRODUCTS assumes "NO" responsibility for damage or injury of any kind because of the misuse or the improper application and or improper installation of any parts or merchandise in any way, by any person and for any reason. And shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages whatsoever. BELIEVE IT!!!.....RR


Problems loading pages? Sometimes there are compatibility issues between servers. Try not running thru the dot com forwarding service. The direct URL is:


This may help. If not, please e-mail me and let me know what's happening, I need to know, thanks......RR



 I built this site so it can be viewed by webtv (600x400).   The problem you will run into is ordering using the PayPal shopping cart.   Webtv can not open a window like a computer, because it's not a computer.   What it does do with the windows is drop them to the bottom of the page.   This works, but take a lot of reloading (command R on the keyboard).   If this problem is too much hassle, you will have to send a PayPal the hard way.   Log into PayPal at:  http://www.paypal.com   and fill in the blanks yourself, sorry about this!!...RR




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