I start sandblasting, to see what's really there...   Wow!   Even worst than I thought.   Screw it, we'll do the chassis first.

The frame is in good shape.   Straight as an arrow and no rust damage.   Well, that's one...   It get boxed to handle the big block "Rat Motor" power.

Posie's Super Slide rear spring kit gets installed.   Went in nice and easy, good stuff.

Late model big bearing 9" Ford housing.   Narrowed to 48" flange to flange.   Add a Strange Engineering nodular steel case and axels.   US Gear Traction-loc and 3:50 to 1 gear set.   Finally a forged 1350 series yoke.   This bastard should hold together, even with 600hp.   I hope!

The big block Trans-Am front clip arrives from the bone yard.   This is going to be a lot of work, hope it's worth it?

It took a couple of days to figure out how to do this and align the clip.

Just cut it, shove it and weld it....easy?   Major pain in the ass to do...   Should have bought a bolt on Mustang II unit, but I was afraid it would not be up to handling the weight of the big block.

Plate over the whole thing.   This is never coming loose, that's for sure.   Lots of grinding!

Actually turned out pretty nice, looks good and it straight  and true, couldn't get any closer....  

Starting to look like a truck again, too bad I got to take it all apart.   Think the back tires are too big?