NO WAY!   just the right size....   18 inch wide Mickey Thompson's on 15x15" polished ET's.

Built some killer ladder bars that come off the trans. cross-member.   Never know, they might work?

Tie in air shocks in front of the rear axel.   Chrome Carrera's behind.   This way I can adjust the rear ride height and traction.   Or at least that's the plan...

Back to the body...   Replace all bad metal and fill all the unwanted holes....   Big job!!

Weld in the headlight buckets and the two panels togehter.   An inch at a time as not to get it too hot.   Warp it and you throw it away.

A little filler and some shaping.   All one piece now, looks great!

Fitting the doors.   Studebaker didn't do so good here...   These are new doors, the ones the truck came with, well...   Still be welding on those....

Installed a Hagan hidden hinge kit.   WOW!   This was really not worth it!   One hell of a lot of work, for not that much.   I should have just gone with the stock door hinges...

New grille with not as many problems.   Filled the bumper bracket holes, new brackets will come from underneath.   Cherried out the grill, then forced the cat to guard it.

Cut the inner fender panels to fit the new Trans-Am suspension. I'll make a rubber splash apron later.