Pappy is one of my favorite designs from around 1975.   The idea for this patch came form a guy named Mike, don't remember his last name, if I ever knew it?   He showed me photos of his Grandfather on his Indian, back in the early 1930's.    "Pappy" was smoking a cigar and wearing a leather flying cap and these very cool WWI pilot's goggles.   I was told that "Pappy's" thing was to kill the motor and coast in dead silent, like a phantom, everywhere he went.   Cool, huh?   Anyway, that was the inspiration for the design.   This re-issue is full embroidered in 10 colors, measures 5-1/2" wide 2-1/2" tall on black polyfelt. Scanned from the original artwork. The back has patch sealer applied to stabilize it. This patch has always drawn a lot of attention, everybody seems to like this one.

$22.95 postage paid in the U.S. and CANADA

**RR** (((SOLD OUT)))




This is a new one. Full embroidered in 5 colors on black polyfelt. The patch measures 5-1/4"x 2-3/4". Patch sealer applied to the back to stabilize it. The light blue wings really make this patch stand out!