City Heat Productions


Ken Sanzel


Lou Diamond Phillips
Sean Patrick Flanery
Robert Foster
Mark Metcalf
Mark Deming
Tanya Allen


Three machine gun toting bikers ride from place to place, robbing bars, killing cops and burning churches in their spare time. Every time Bart (Lou Diamond Phillips) kills a cop he takes his badge and hangs it on his belt, he's got a bunch of 'em...... (STOP LAUGHING, you haven't even seen the film yet!) OK, they ride up to Montana, make a stop in this small town to rob the bar. They shoot the place up and beat the bartender into a coma. Our hero John (Sean Patrick Flanery) is in the bar during the robbery. John works at the old west tourist show. Of course, the bad bikers stick around for the show the next day? John arrests them with a gun full of blanks. OK, yea, you guessed it, the rest of the gang shows up, takes over the town and there's lots of shooting........ Is it 1967........again?




I like the actors in the film, they are usually, very good. I can not think of a reason any of them would do this film? You say "money".... I think there must have been a threat of violence or blackmail or something goin' on here??

 Lou Diamond Phillips in his special outlaw biker underwear.....